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With decades of hands-on experience, Premier Custom Millwork is serving White Plains, NYC, and nearby areas with custom glass solutions.


Made with a protective layer of vinyl inside two pieces of glass, the laminated glass acts similar to safety glass in that it stays intact when shattered or broken. Laminated glass reduces UV fading and noise and is impact resistance.


This clear glass has a microscopically-thin coating of metal oxide that allows the sun’s heat and light to pass through while reducing heat loss from inside the home. This is advantageous when living in colder-climate areas.


An energy-efficient option, insulated glass which is made with 2 or more pieces of glass is an excellent choice when thinking about energy savings and maintaining a comfortable temperature within the home. Some choose this option to help reduce pollen, noise, and dust from entering their home.


To increase the visual appeal of your custom windows or doors, a beveled edge is used to make a simple design more decorative and appealing. Beveled glass is cut between a 5 and a 10-degree angle that allows the glass to capture the light and enhances the visual impact of the piece.


A whiting effect of the glass after sandblasting can produce words or images that are unique to your individual needs.  Palmer Glass Works can create Privacy Glass that is frosted for bathrooms or other areas.


In a variety of shapes and dimensions, our custom mirrors can help to expand a small or narrow space or be used as an art piece within your home. Our mirrors can be framed, beveled, or left unframed for your personal preference.  We also carry antique mirrors with 12 different styles to choose from.

We offer custom glass in White Plains, NYC, Rochester, Buffalo, Armonk NY, Scarsdale NY, Danbury CT, Greenwich CT, and nearby areas.as.